Real Estate Management

We keep an eye on your property. As well as its future.

Looking after your property is a special form of wealth management. In this field GUV offers a full range of services covering property strategy, administration, management and value enhancement for your real estate portfolio.

Why not benefit from the experience of specialists who focus entirely on what you, the owner, requires?

Real estate management has many aspects. We manage every perspective.

Our portfolio covers all aspects of individual asset and property management. We offer solutions and services which meet our customers needs and that promise more success in the long term.

Drawing on long years of experience, we manage properties of all sizes in the private and business segments as well as for institutional investors.

Asset- and property-management

  • Planning, realisation and monitoring of individual property strategies
  • Financial administration and technical support for projects through individual project teams
  • National and international reporting standards and reporting interfaces

Management of owners’ associations

  • Financial and technical services
  • Advice, planning and support for renovation and development projects
  • Full responsibility for all aspects of property management, e.g. rent accounting, caretaker services, meeting deadlines, compliance with legal regulations

Project management & Consulting

  • Analysis, evaluation and support for property acquisition
  • Planning and implementation of property modernisations
  • Personal consulting, including disinvestment of properties and due diligence

Elimination of storm/flood damage to residential buildings in Leverkusen/ Germany

Organization of clearing and cleaning, inventory, damage assessment, planning of new and replacement buildings, contract awards, construction organization, funding and support applications, approval and billing, documentation

Objects:4 residential and commercial buildings with 85 apartments
Duration:since July 15, 2021

Real estate is not just a means of production. We see it as a vital element in your value chain.

Integrated management for business enterprises

In trade and industry, land and real estate are crucial investment assets that need optimal management if they are to retain and grow their value. Aspects such as location, link to the logistics network, technical equipment and energy efficiency all play a key role in their profitable development. We have been supplying a full portfolio of real estate services, from operations through to development and administration, to numerous companies for over 35 years on the basis of this holistic strategy.

One of the most important aspects is support for industrial enterprises which are looking to acquire and develop new locations. These will give them greater costeffectiveness, reliable power supply and optimal links to the transport network over the long term. As a full service provider GUV also offers a broad array of solutions that are tailored to the individual phases of its customers’ projects.


Restructuring and management of a shipyard in Germany

Takeover, management and restructuring of land and buildings. Inventory, development of usage and rehabilitation concept including environmentally relevant tasks; Management and training of an on-site team for management

Objects:approx. 75,000 m² of land
approx. 20,000 m² building
Duration:3 years

Transaction support for 5 production sites in Germany

Documentation of inventory and assessments for the data room. Takeover of administration, partial closures of 3 locations, clearance/sale of machines and plants. Sale of decommissioned company premises and buildings, including transfer to buyers. Administration of remaining land & buildings in vacancy management.

Objects:approx. 70,000 m² of land
approx. 32,000 m² building
Duration:3 years
Status:clearances / sales complete
vacancy management

A well-managed property needs more than constant care. It requires sustainable development.

Added value for real estate

Managing real estate comprises of more than just structural maintenance and tenant retention. GUV regards your property in an overall context that takes account of all aspects which help to raise its value in the long term.

We consider your property as an investment which we develop in line with your plans so that it guarantees a good return and remains profitable.

Reliability, proximity and flexibility are just some reasons for a close and trustful relationship we build with our customers and which reflect the values GUV has been generating for many years.


Strip steel mill in Germany

Takeovers, restructuring and management of land and buildings, inventory, management, organization of partial sales and rentals. Transaction support for the seller.

Objects:approx. 158,000 m² of land
approx. 48,000 m² building
Duration:2 years

8 production sites in Germany, Romania and Italy

Takeover as well as property and building management of 8 production sites in Germany, Romania and Italy as part of a transaction for the buyer. Closure of 6 manufacturing sites, evictions & sale of plants and facilities. Establishment of two central production sites in Germany and Italy.

Objects:approx. 223,000 m² of land
approx. 108,000 m² building
Duration:3 years

Continuity is the basis for successful cooperation.

Trust since 1979

The basis for a successful cooperation has a long history at GUV. Our customers have come to value the continuity, clarity and future orientation of our end-to-end services and consulting solutions in all areas of asset and property management.

Customers benefit not only from GUV’s comprehensive understanding of their properties but also from transparent reporting, recommendations for property optimisation and the reliable availability of our advice and services for owners, customers and tenants.

GUV is an owner-run company that operates on the basis of a network like Jennißen und Partner, Envi Experts with international partners, including Angermann, Goddard & Loyd in London. Therefore, we are your perfect partner for professional asset and property management.

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